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“Every man can, if he so desires, becomes the sculptor of his own brain” 
― Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Upcoming Classes

PreBIT                                Jan 21st-22nd &                                 $2,150

                                            28th-29th 2023

                                            Boston area MA and ZOOM

Adv Brain Phys                March 27-29, 2023                            $1,095

Adv BIT                              March 30-31, 2023                                $760

Muscle ReActivation      April 3-5, 2023                                   $1,095

                                             Prescott, AZ and ZOOM

BIT 1/2                                Spring 2023.                         $3,750/$1,875

                                             TBD and ZOOM

PreBIT                                 Spring/Summer 2023                     $2,150

                                             Denver area CO and ZOOM

BIT 1/2                                 Fall 2023.                             $3,750/$1,875

                                              TBD and ZOOM

PreBIT                                 Winter 2023/2024                            $2,150

                                              TBD and ZOOM


           * Current students may audit any class for $200.

Or email

Training to become a BIT practitioner relies on the individual’s enthusiasm for working on case studies, as the bulk of the work is practicing the technique on willing participants.  Most students finish the training in about 1 year, however each student is different.   


Requirements to become a practitioner:

  • PreBIT training is a prerequisite for BIT1 and BIT 2.

  • Attend and pass PreBIT training (4 days), then BIT1 and BIT2 training (10 days) . 

  • Complete case studies as required for each module

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the technique during classes and in case notes. 

How do I become a BIT practitioner?

Crossinology Brain Integration is ideal for people looking to help their communities in a significant and practical way, without lots of schooling or excessive cost.  You can become a BIT practitioner in as little as a year with intensive study and practice.  Anyone can use this technique to help their family, friends and loved ones. 



​Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique is based on the work of Susan J McCrossin A.P. Information related to Crossinology Brain Integration Technique on this website and techniques used in this practice are based on her work. More information about Crossinology Brain Integration Technique and the science behind it, can be found at

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