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                                    What is Brain Integration?     


Crossinology Brain Integration Technique (BIT) is a cutting edge technique, based in kinesiology that improves the functioning of the brain. BIT combines kinesiology, physiology, and the acupressure meridian system to address symptoms and issues that make learning, and often life itself very hard.  Crossinology Brain Integration Technique uses a complete protocol addressing 20 different areas, identifying and relieving stress in the brain to improve the way you think, behave, feel, and the way your body moves.


                              Crossinology Brain Integration Technique can:

Address ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities

Improve memory and concentration

Improve spelling and reading

Improve planning and multi-tasking

Improve balance and coordination


BIT addresses scientifically recognized areas and functions of the brain like the speech centers, the limbic system, memory, math, reading, writing, puzzles, creativity and gestalt skill, logic and organizing, emotional attitudes, muscles and movement, and much much more!


The full BIT protocol takes roughly between 8 and 15 hours. Additional work or Muscle ReActivation is always encouraged, if needed.  THE FULL PROTOCOL IS OFTEN REQUIRED IN ORDER TO SEE A CHANGE.


BIT does not require medication or exercises.

BIT follows a specific protocol. 

Crossinology Brain Integration uses a complete protocol addressing 20 different areas to alleviate stress from the brain and improve how the brain functions.  We address Deep Level Switching, the Corpus Callossum, the speach centers (Broca's area, Werneckies area, etc.) the Limbic System, the eyes and ears, Audio Visual Integration, the vestibular system, marching, coding, alphabet, math, reading, writing, puzzles and gestalt skill, emotional attitudes, and much much more!


Treatment takes between 8 and 15 hours and is PERMANENT.  




ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia

This is Crossinology's strongest area.  Crossinology Brain Integration was designed to alleviate ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia without drugs or surgery.  Our protocol addresses focus, concentration, information, direction and flow.  By following the protocol, the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and dyslexia are relieved.  Often, clients see serious results after just one session! Full treatment takes between 8-12 hours and in most cases is permanent. Please read Susan McCrossin's research HERE.



PTSD is a serious health concern in today's society.  Whether your trauma is new or old, Crossinology Brain Integration can help you find relief.  Because BIT can access the limbic system of the brain where emotions are stored, it can release the trauma so that clients experience relief quickly and permanently from the issues that bind them. OCD, phobias, social anxiety and other anxiety disorders can also be addressed. Treatments for PTSD may take 20 hours or more to complete.


Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Tension

Emotional stress causes many diseases (dis-eases) in life, but often these components are either overlooked or not sufficiently addressed.  Crossinology Brain Integration improves the “wiring” of the brain so you can think clearly without over-thinking, negative projections or worry.  Crossinology's main function is to take stress out of the brain, so clients often report a more calm and peaceful state of mind and much lower stress levels. Benefits include better sleep, more thorough relaxation, and increased enjoyment in all activities. 


Allergies and Sensitivities

Allergies can take over your life and leave you feeling drained.  The FDA estimates that 36 million people suffer from seasonal allergies, and food allergies have the population wondering what to eat, feeling at a loss for what to do next.  Luckily there is help available.  A BIT practitioner can desensitize your body to allergens (air-borne and food related), and the body will no longer have a reaction.  This is perfect for addressing seasonal and acute allergies.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Concussions

Nobody wants to be left out of a sports game or the game of life because of a TBI or a concussion. Crossinology Brain Integration can take away the foggy-brain symptoms that follow a head trauma to get you or your loved one back on the field, or back into life quickly.  Our full protocol addresses all areas that may be damaged in a concussion, including anxiety, depression and emotional instability.  And, because we can address even the earliest traumas, any future injuries are therefore limited instead of having cumulative effects, like second injury syndrome.  If you suspect you have a concussion, you should seek medical attention from a qualified professional directly, but then come to us to improve the situation quickly.


Injuries and Sports

Physical injuries can have a lasting effect.  However, with Crossinology's Muscle ReActivation, muscles, joints and tendons can often be “re-wired” to work again, or improve the healing time of a more serious injury, like a broken bone. Looking to get that athletic edge? Hoping to stay active as you grow older? Do you know anyone who has suffered from a concussion and been left out of sports? BIT is the secret weapon.


BIT maximizes the brain's ability to control the body, improving speed, stamina, eye-hand coordination and fine muscle control. BIT can heal concussions rapidly and can diminish the symptoms of future concussions.


Using Muscle ReActivation, BIT practitioners can "re-wire" each specific muscle so that the body can reach its full potential. Likewise, Muscle ReActivation aids in the healing of new and old injuries, and is helpful in avoiding unnecessary surgery. This is an absolute must for any athlete looking to get an edge, or any person looking to heal an injury.

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