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Frequently Asked Questions

What is treatment like?

BIT is a very relaxing, non-invasive procedure.  The client typically lays on a massage table and the practitioner uses Muscle Monitoring, acupressure touch, and gently holds the head to make the correction. Clients report that BIT is very relaxing and often rejuvenating.

How many hours does it take? How many sessions do I need?

BIT takes roughly between 8 – 12 hours to complete.  Clients come for sessions ranging from 1 to 3 hours and may have multiple sessions in one day.  Small children are recommended a shorter, ½ hour visit. During the first visit, you will be assessed to determine a rough number of hours the protocol will take. Once you complete the BIT protocol, it is recommended that you come back for an initial check-up after 4-6 weeks.  Additional checkups will be recommended by your practitioner.


When will I see results?

Many clients report changes after the first session.  However, you may not see changes until the entire protocol is finished and the brain has the time to integrate the changes. The general guideline for the integration period is 30 days.



Can BIT change my personality, or do any damage to the brain?

No.  BIT can only take stress out of the synaptic “wires” of the brain.  A BIT Practitioner cannot change your personality, or make you a different person.  A BIT practitioner cannot harm the brain because we are not using chemicals, computers, or physical adjustments of any kind. 


I heard an ADD/ADHD brain is more creative.  If I have this treatment, will it effect my creativity?

No.  An ADD brain often seems more creative because an individual with ADD has more access to the creative hemisphere of the brain than to the logic hemisphere.  In this case, people with ADD/ADHD become more focused and effective, because BIT opens up access to the logic hemisphere.


What kind of changes will I see?

Most clients report better sleep, a more relaxed state of being, decreased stress, anxiety and worry, more success in school and work (sometimes can be quite drastic), a clearer mind, tasks that once were hard are easier or very easy, ability in areas that were previously hard, improved digestion and health, etc.!  The list goes on and on.  Please see the testimonials for further anecdotal information.


Do you have to do the whole integration at once?

 Clients may choose to stretch out the treatment period for any reason.  It is recommended that a client finish the main protocol within 3 months of starting, but this is a general guideline. 


What age do you have to be?   Should I plan to stay with my child during treatment?

Children of any age are candidates for BIT.  School age children benefit especially well.  If you child is 8 years old or less, you should plan on staying in the room during the treatment.  WholeBody Solutions and BIT Practitioners are not responsible for unattended children. 


What is the cost of BIT?

Please inquire for rates.   


Do you take insurance?  Can I use my flexible spending account?

BIT is not currently covered by any type of insurance.  However, we are happy to provide documentation for flexible spending accounts upon request.


How close do the appointments need to be scheduled?

Appointments are generally scheduled in one of three ways: weekly or bi-weekly, over the course of 2-3 days, or spread out but longer sessions.  Your practitioner can help you choose the right path for you.


What if I am not sure that my child has a learning problem?

Children and adults with learning difficulties often display the following characteristics:


  •  Poor memory

  •  Short attention span, distractibility

  •  Impulsiveness, restlessness or impatience

  •  Inability to self-motivate or self-manage

  •  Poor reading fluency and/or comprehension

  •  Poor spelling

  •  Poor handwriting

  •  Letter or number reversal

  •  Difficulty memorizing times tables

  •  Difficulty understanding math concepts or complex problems

  •  Difficulty following and/or giving directions

  •  Over- or under-sensitive to noise, light or touch

  •  Poor auditory processing - asking the same question again and again and again

  •  Behavioral issues related to learning difficulties - anxiety, frustration or avoidance behavior

  •  Poor physical coordination and/or balance


Is BIT Right for Me?

 Although everyone may benefit from brain integration, you may see especially dramatic results if you have difficulty with five or more of the following:

  •  Letter or number reversal

  •  Eye strain

  •  Test anxiety

  •  Short attention span/difficulty concentrating

  •  Lack of self-confidence

  •  Poor reading ability and comprehension

  •  Inability to finish projects

  •  Poor organizational skills

  •  Spelling problems

  •  Difficulty following or giving directions

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