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Nutrition plays an important role in your health. 

"Eating well is like putting gas in your car.  Your car doesn't run well on sugar, and neither does your body." - Nancy Loedy

Most people want to thrive, not just live.  Nutrition is often a key portion of attaining this goal.   One of the main blockages to a sharp brain and a healthy body is Candida Albicans.


What is candida albicans?


Candida Albicans is a naturally occurring yeast residing in the intestinal flora which can over-grow due to the ingestion of antibiotics, diets containing yeast, wheat, sugar and vinegar, and prescription and non-prescription drugs i.e birth control. Candida is common in our society because of our over-use of antibiotics, a diet of refined foods and high in sugar, lifestyle, and many other factors.  Many people all over the world have had varying success rates combating candida.


With Crossinology Brain Integration, candida is easy to deal with

because we can “balance” the body to reject the overgrowth.


When you come in for BIT, you will be monitored for Candida.  Candida can cross the blood/brain barrier and grow in the cranium (fungus on your brain!).  It is important for the BIT Practitioner to know if the body has this overgrowth, because an unattended overgrowth will mask the brain’s abilities and may devalue the Brain Integration you receive.  You will be asked to change your diet if candida is present.  By changing your diet, you will ensure that your gut flora is working correctly, which in turn will affect your whole health, and most importantly, the functioning of the brain. Download the Crossinology BIT Candida Cleanse HERE.


If you have candida YOU MUST DO YOUR PART to avoid the foods that feed the yeast

if you expect the Brain Integration to work.

We will work with you to assess your needs and support you on this path. 


Candida to Brain Integration is like kryptonite to Superman. Individuals who refuse to address Candida may not see the results they are looking for from Crossinology Brain Integration.  


A short list of candida symptoms include:

Anxiety        Depression         Foggy Brain       Gastrointestinal Stress       Bloating        Thrush      Vaginal Yeast Infection

Emotional instability        Allergies       Poor Digestion       Inability to “think straight”     Athletes Foot      Toenail Fungus

Nutrition plays a very important role in your health. At WholeBody Solutions, Dr. Ann Doggett and her team of professionals address nutrition needs for the whole health of the individual.  Please click here to visit


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