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What people are saying:

"I can't thank you enough"

         Not only did his grades come up, he made honor roll! This is the first time ever! I can't believe he was on the verge of failing last year. He's the same boy only happier and more confident and more successful! I can't thank you enough. 

-N.O. Quincy, MA



"He now believes in himself and his future is wide open"


         During BIT, Nancy’s assessment of his problems was dead on even though she had not yet read his IEP. We began to see improvement the first session. {He} reported that the foggy brain had lifted, his mind was sharp and he could remember more easily. No more blanking out on exams. After several sessions, his reading comprehension improved dramatically and he could retain more information. His grades improved and he is now a solid A/B student. He was even running faster for the Cross Country Team! Most importantly, his self-esteem and confidence increased. He is happier and more open….he smiles more. His teachers reported a difference in his confidence and class participation as well. 

         For me, his mom, the sessions opened my eyes to what {he} had been experiencing and I gained a better understanding of his struggles and how he coped with them. It deepened our bond between mother and son, parent and child. Going through BIT was a game changer for {him}. He now believes in himself and his future is wide open because it is.

- M. O. Quincy, MA


"Nancy Loedy is intuitive, caring and now one of my best friends"


         Crossinology Brain Integration changed my perspective and refined my brain in ways I never thought possible. I knew I had a learning problem throughout high school and college, but never sought help until I heard of Nancy Loedy's work in brain integration. Life and work were hard before getting integrated: not finishing assignments on time, becoming anxious over social engagements and academic settings, performing poorly on tests regardless of understanding the material, and poor reading comprehension. My career lead me to becoming a chef, because I was a strong tactile learner. Now, I've become a stronger, more organized chef, and all of my auditory/visual processing issues have wiped away. My candida overgrowth is addressed and I've never felt healthier than the integrative attention I received from Whole Body Solution's doctors and practitioners. Nancy Loedy is intuitive, caring and now one of my best friends. She's a best friend to the world, and everyone deserves a healer in their life like her.

- Jackie, Chef, 24


I became a patient at Whole Body Solutions in spring of 2017 for acupuncture treatment due to chronic migraines as well as a bad back (lower L5 disc).


"Brain Integration (BI) is a service that is offered by Nancy Loedy and my goals in engaging with Nancy included:


  • Improved mind-to-muscle contractions

  • Increases in overall mood and energy 

  • Ability to de-stress and not worry about uncontrollable things


After working with Nancy for 3 months, the following are some of the many positive results:

  • Less frequent migraines (acupuncture + BI combo)

  • Stronger core and back muscles

  • Improved energy (down to 1 cup of coffee per day from 2-3)

  • Increased self-awareness

  • The feeling of a "security blanket" so my mind no longer races at night

  • Improved self-esteem and self-worth

  • Better digestion

  • Overall mood enhancement 

For anyone who is looking to improve their physical, emotional or spiritual well-being, BI is a great way to "boost" and "rewire" your current internal workings.  I consider Nancy and BI part of my regular protocol and see her on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on schedule.


You are in great hands and the possibilities are limitless in terms of areas of focus given her knowledge and experience."

- B.M.



"BIT Has Been The Most Helpful"

        This client struggles from mental, emotional and physical health issues due to a double diagnosis of autism and Crohn’s disease. His mother had this to say: "(He) has seen multiple therapists since 2011, but feels that the treatment he receives from Nancy is the one that has been the most helpful. Other therapists were covered by our insurance but were not as helpful or the right fit. Nancy addresses any and all problems, perspectives, anxieties, mental anguishes and emotional turmoils he deals with. She has helped him heal trauma from physical and emotional pain."



        "During and after the BIT treatment, I have noticed major improvements in my mental, physical and emotional states; I become more driven and motivated, simply day to day tasks are no longer overwhelming, getting out of bed in the morning and getting ready for work is no longer a chore.  My right eye used to be nearsighted, it is now over 90% corrected, my balance in dancing improved.  My energy level increased significantly, mentally more focus, I am able to stay focused studying for a longer duration, my reading comprehension and my ability to retain information quickly improved.  I am also able to better articulate my thoughts.  I am no longer feeling "inhibited" they way I used to, vibrancy is steadily taking hold."

- A.C. Boston, MA


"Beyond Grateful"

       "My life had been in the shitter for over five years due to a dysfunctional thyroid and family, divorce, menopause, and lack of compassion from family and friends.” I found out about Nancy Loedy and Dr. Ann Doggett's practice at Wholebody Solutions from my concierge doctor who suggested them to deal with my menopause. Ms. Loedy's type of care was life saving. Her compassion, understanding, and talent with muscle testing and Brain Integration caused a miracle. It was astounding; in two days, I felt immediate relief and was able to resume my life the way it was meant to be lived. I brag to all my friends because she has helped me so much…and I’m so thankful to God that he has brought Mrs. Loedy and Dr. Anne Doggett into my life. It is amazing and scary to know that western medicine would have had me on an anti-depressant when all I needed was a simple supplement to kill the insidious yeast that had invaded my system. Do not waste another moment; you a worth it."

-  D.W., South Shore, Boston, MA




"My Brain Integration"

Going into my brain integration with Nancy, I had no real preconceptions. I had had an experience with muscle testing years ago, but it was only a surface introduction – A kind of, 'this is muscle testing' show and tell moment.

This second, longer experience came as my life is in serious flux. On the emotional front: My identical twin brother is moving to Holland in March; I have been out of work for going on two years; And I have no girlfriend and not many friends. On the physical side: I've always been a very allergic person. I'm allergic to pet dander, dust, mold and the month of April. I've also battled, on and off, with eczema. 

Emotionally, I've felt like I'm starting over – Like a newborn baby dropped into the middle of a marathon. Physically, I'm that same crawling baby, but with a horrible rash.

My impression of brain integration is that it is a really personal sort of experience. Not what I expected. Anytime you spend a length of time with someone and they are laying hands on you, it can't help but feel oddly intimate on some level. Sometimes it's a tandem meditation. Meditating with someone sitting so close is a new experience for me.

After my first session, my comment to Nancy was that I felt like I'd emotionally bitten into a York Peppermint Pattie. It was a world of difference from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out. If I can describe it in a succinct way, I'd say I felt cleansed. Like my oil had been changed and I was running smoothly again.

As the sessions went on the following changes occurred in me:

1. My desperate mood changed. I went from feeling hopeless and struggling against huge changes in my life, to feeling able to deal and essentially go with the flow of my feelings. The best way to describe it, I think, is to say that it takes more to pull out sad/uneasy moods in me after brain integration. Sadness does pop up, but it doesn't often and it doesn't stick around that long. I feel emotionally......better.

2. My memory improved. I've looked very impressive to my family. I am now, more often than not, the one that resolves a brain freeze. "What's the name of that actor? What was the name of that movie? Who was that director?" To my surprise, I've been able to supply those answers – Something I wasn't known to do that often before.

3. I also have more clarity. Interestingly, I've felt much less cluttered, mentally. It's a hard thing to put my finger on. It feels as though a vacuum cleaner was shoved into each one of my ears and all the dust was sucked out. My focus is stronger. I noticed this as I recently tested my focus on a 72 page graphic design job, which required solid hierarchical thinking and a clear mental approach.

The last session was an interesting experience. I am not a person who takes mental stock of the relationships in my life. I do think that's something that should be done from time to time. The last ten balances focusing on ten relationships in my life was a great opportunity to do that. In fact, it was a powerful experience. I didn't expect the degree of emotions I went through. Going through my emotions toward each person, it felt as if I was being wrung out like a washcloth. Very cathartic, and again, cleansing.

Walking away from this, I also feel more connected to my body. Through the exercises and some of the explanations Nancy provided me, I got a brand new perspective on the power of the mind body connection. In essence, I have more respect for that connection. One experience, that sticks with me, is when Nancy integrated me to rid me of my allergies. That day, I arrived at our appointment with nagging allergic sniffles. When Nancy integrated me, I literally felt my nose clear and the allergic itch fade right there on the spot – A very odd feeling. An illuminating feeling.

Overall, it was a unique and mind opening experience. Integrated is a great way to start a new year.

--C.F. Cape Cod, MA


I have struggled with a weak ankle for years.  I broke it once many years ago, and have sprained it a number of times in the last 5 years.  Since I did one session of BIT with Nancy a year ago, I have had no trouble with it at all.  The session was non-invasive and very relaxing.  Nancy explained everything as she went, so I felt completely comfortable.  I couldn't be happier with the results!

--A.E.  Personal Trainer, Brookline, MA



How has brain integration helped my family…let me count the ways.


My younger daughter had always struggled with reading and we learned at BIT that she had slight dyslexia and ADD. After several BIT sessions and tutoring interventions (to help get her up to speed), she finished second grade reading not only on level, but one level ahead! Now she is very focused on her homework and it’s no longer a struggle.


My husband suffered from misophonia, a condition where he would get enraged at common daily sounds like people chewing or slurping food or scraping their teeth along a spoon. At BIT he learned his auditory system was emotionally connected to rage. After just a few sessions, sounds no longer bother him and his productivity at work has soared since he isn’t spending energy being angry or having to get away from irritating sounds.


And then there’s me…I had nothing to complain about but I was never truly happy. I was fortunate to be a healthy stay-at-home mom with great healthy kids, a loving and helpful husband, and wanted for nothing. But I always noticed and expressed the negative in everything, was emotionally cut off from people to protect myself and really struggled with an all-or-nothing attitude around food. I either restricted food with willpower or the floodgates would open once I started eating. BIT taught me that my satiety was connected to rage, which stemmed from my childhood. After many BIT sessions, a lot of the baggage from my childhood has fallen away. While, every day is not perfect and I certainly overeat at times or get cranky, I definitely lead a more peaceful life and naturally see the beauty in things rather than focusing on the negative.

--J.A.  Boston, MA



I heard about Crossinology and Nancy from a friend of mine. I was very skeptical about it at first but my friend said it changed her life. I felt like it could not hurt my son, he could only gain from it, if it works.


My son was 5 when we first did Crossinology on him. He is autistic so obviously he was not able to tell me what he felt afterward. Nancy was happy with my son’s clean diet so we did not have to change anything and she could do the therapy straight away. She did her best to treat my son as of course he would not stay still.


My son was always extremely sound sensitive. He had to leave his class when the children were singing. Straight after his treatment with Nancy he stayed in his class the next day and joined in with singing. That was something I could see straight away. So, I believe in his head things are happening but he is not able to express them. I strongly believe the Crossinology helped him among of the other things we are doing with him. And when he can stay still in year or two I will ask Nancy to come and work with him again, just like she did with me. Only now – a year later - Nancy was able to come over and do most of the marching with my son. He understands and follows commands now - something he would not do at all only a year ago!


Taking care and helping my son for all those years was really hard for me. I was really stressed and I thought I would need professional help. But first I thought of Nancy. So, I cannot say how Crossinology helped my autistic son so far. But I can say that Nancy saved my sanity, my life, my family life, and my relationship. I am still not sure how she does it. She fixed all my emotions. She fixed all the thoughts, which were in my head all the time, so much that I could not concentrate on one thing. She fixed my allergies (including red wine allergy). She fixed my self-confidence, my energy levels; she fixed my life. Ah, she even fixed my foot so now I can run again without any pain!


Apart from what she does, Nancy is a loving, caring person. It is a pleasure and fun to spend time with her. I totally believe that what she does works. I cannot wait now for my son to be ready to work with Nancy again. I would recommend to anybody who suffers with depression, stress and any other problems to try Nancy first before start taking any medicine. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 


There are only a couple of people in everybody's life who we will remember forever. In a very good way Nancy is one of them and I am so lucky and honored that I met her.  

--G.L. - Costa Blanca, Spain

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