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The most marvelous part of all of creation: the final frontier. 

"The brain is a monstrous, beautiful mess." - William F. Allman
The brain has two hemispheres and
a bridge that connects them.

The logic hemisphere is responsible for logical tasks like simple math, rhythm, telling time, etc. The gestalt hemisphere, (a German word for “whole picture”) is responsible for gestalt activities like identifying color, aesthetics and arrangement, emotional recognition and more. Most activities, like spelling or reading, require both hemispheres, and the corpus callosum is the bridge that connects the hemispheres. The corpus callosum has two main parts: one that runs the muscles of the body (the neuromuscular level) and one that does the thinking (the cortical level). BIT addresses these three important areas in the first few hours of the treatment, optimizing brain function right away. Most people report that their brain “feels clean and clear” after this first session.

The limbic system controls autonomous activity and stores emotional memory.

The limbic system is the physiological and emotional center of the brain.  It is responsible for making and retrieving memories and houses “reward or punishment centers” which are critical to learning because the motivation to learn is based on reward or punishment. The limbic system also regulates all autonomous functions like heartbeat, sweating, taste, pupillary dilation, blood pressure, hunger, and much more. BIT therefore can re-set the brain's natural motivation and drive to learn. The amygdala, hypothalamus and basal ganglia are all located in the limbic system. You may not realize the deep levels of emotional stress blocking your success at school or work, but BIT can locate the stress and relieve symptoms like sensitivity to lights and emotions, fear of failure and/or success, and lack of organizational skills.


Memory is a complex function of the brain.  Short term, long term and working memory functions only work if the senses are taking in information correctly and the retrieval systems are retrieving information correctly.  BIT addresses all of these areas.  Working memory is like the workspace where we manipulate and process information, particularly when learning something new and completing tasks quickly.  Successful learning requires a functional working memory, and BIT can address even these complex areas of the brain.  Brain Integration, however, cannot address Alzheimer's Disease.

Balance, body and physical health

The vestibular system governs how well we balance.  The Corpus callosum governs how the brain uses the body.  These two systems together control how physically active a body can be, whether in sports, school, or at home.  All of the parts must work in conjunction in order to truly function, and ideally, to function well.  Athletes and sports enthusiasts can especially benefit from BIT because this technique can help the body work at its optimal level, preventing injury and healing past traumas. Anyone with an “ache or pain” can benefit from Muscle ReActivation

Muscle ReActivation

            Muscle ReActivation is a very exciting part of BIT.  Although Crossinology Brain Integration Technique focuses on relieving the symptoms of ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia, a BIT practitioner can also address physical issues like shoulder and back problems, knees and hips, ankles and wrists.  Often people suffer for years with symptoms after injuries that never seem to go away.  BIT to the rescue!  Just a few hours of Muscle ReActivation can address those lingering issues and help you regain what you thought was lost.  People who have had no discernable injuries often report feeling more stable, strong and capable after Muscle ReActivation.  Imagine your yoga practice after all of the muscles work!  Imagine your golf game getting better after your core really is working.  These changes have nothing to do with working out and everything to do with how well the brain uses the muscles.  Results happen right away.

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